King Conquer drummer attacked in mosh pit

Posted by on September 8, 2015

Last night (7), Florida deathcore band King Conquer was in Marietta, GA as part of the ‘Death Take Me Home’ tour with Here Comes the Kraken, Dealey Plaza and Adaliah. However, things got violent during Adaliah’s last song as  King Conquer drummer Chris Whited was attacked in the pit and needed to be taken to a hospital. A show attendee reached out to Lambgoat with the following account of the violence:

“King Conquer’s drummer was knocked out at last nights show and kicked in the face repeatedly. Police and ambulance were involved and he was taken to the hospital. The police talked to the kid that did it and just let him go, and then proceeded to tell the touring package ‘no wonder your friend got knocked out’ when they were called out for doing nothing. This all happened at Swayze’s Venue in Marietta, GA.”

Whited himself offered up an account of last night’s incident, along with some homophobic slurs, via his Facebook page:

So I Moshed last night for adaliahs last song because it was there last day with us, and some pussy got butthurt and scooped me up from behind and slammed my face on the concrete(which knocked me out) then 4 other pussy ass faggots decided to kick me in the face while I was on the ground already knocked out, and then none of them would fight anyone one on one. And then they all lied to the cops about what happened. Long story short, I woke up in the hospital with no clue about anything that happened. Crazy, that’s never happened to me before.

He also offered this up:

If you mosh hard at shows and hit people, but then get mad when someone else Moshes hard and maybe hits you, and then you cheap shot the fuck out of them… You are a pussy ass fucking faggot. You know why you are you fucking Georgia pussy.

There are two regrettable things about this: that it happened and that Whited feels the need to throw around the word “faggot.” Granted, he’s understandably angry in light of a cheap shot, and it’s cowardly to literally kick a man when he’s down. And if the venue had no security that would take care of any pit violence, that’s an amateur move on their part. And the police doing nothing about it likely added to the frustration. That being said, he lost a lot of sympathy as soon as he wrote that word not once but twice. Even if it was in the heat of passion, there’s no need to be homophobic about it. Here’s hoping he’s OK regardless. Given that he was posting on Facebook just a few hours after the incident, he seems to be.

[photo: Randy Edwards]

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