Photo: Diana Lee Zadlo/ Ramming Speed Facebook

Ramming Speed’s Jonah Livingston seems like he’d be a fun guy to party with. Not just because of the feel-good punk/thrash beats he lays down for the band, but also because of his license plate. And by that, we mean the license plate he doesn’t have, thanks to the completely unfun folks at the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. He’d attempted to pay homage to deceased metal god and Motorhead frontman Lemmy, as well as reciprocal oral sex, by getting a custom license plate that read “LEMMY69.” That was not meant to be, as he shared the results of his attempt on Facebook:

Granted, it’s probably the “69” that got his plate banned moreso than the “Lemmy,” but we’re still disappointed. There’s a suggestion from someone on the thread that he should go for “6lemmy9,” which seems like as good an idea as any. Others say he should appeal. Either way, the DMV isn’t going out of their way to seem any cooler.