Insomnium working on new album?

Posted by on December 17, 2018

Insomnium have been sharing a few hints on a follow-up to 2016 Winter’s Gate throughout this entire month, which makes us wonder if there will be a new album before their appearance at 2019’s Prog Power. Earlier this year, we spoke to guitarist Markus Vanhala (Omnium Gatherum) on a new record as he mentioned:

Well, just two more this year and then we are really going into the writing mode and we are aiming to have something new in the later half of nineteen, next year.

Therefore, it proves once again, there’s no rest for Vanhala.

The group have shared small clues via social media as well as using the hashtags: #workwork #writingmode.

Check out their cryptic updates below:


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