ProgPower USA is the premier U.S. festival for progressive and power metal. For 19 years they have been a key part in bringing some of the biggest and best names in the international progressive and power metal scenes to the United States. It takes place every September at the Center Stage Theater in Atlanta, Georgia and is known for the quality of acts it brings, the continued high production standard, and the familial atmosphere of the event.

Every year during the festival, on days 1 and 3, the ProgPower USA attendees gather in the theater before the headlining band takes the stage for what has become an event all its own. Right in the middle of the action, the next year’s line-up gets announced. This wasn’t the only surprise though, with the handing out of the event program came another announcement, that year 25 in 2024, may just be the last ProgPower USA as we know it.

With plenty of U.S. exclusives to go around, and likely a few other special sets to be announced, Seventh Wonder, Demons & Wizards, Pretty Maids, and Insomnium were all announced as headliners. Both Caligula’s Horse and Galneryus will be playing their first over U.S. shows, and many others will be bringing something special for ProgPower USA XX (20!)

Tickets for days 3 &4 go on sale Saturday, Oct. 6, and days 1 & 2 go on sale Saturday, October 3rd both at 10am ET via Ticketmaster. 900 tickets will be available to the general public, and the shows seems to be selling out faster and faster the last few years, with tickets to the main festival selling out in as low as 12 hours. So if you intend on securing a ticket for what we’re predicting will be a very fast sell-out, you’ll be competing with many others the morning they become available. Just read the line-up below, and start planning now.

Wednesday, Day 1:

Pretty Maids (Denmark) *US EXCLUSIVE*
Insomnium (Finland)
Secret Sphere (Italy) *US EXCLUSIVE*
Iron Mask (Multi-national) *US EXCLUSIVE*

Thursday, Day 2:

Evergrey (Sweden)
Galneryus (Japan) *US EXCLUSIVE*
MaYaN (Multi-national)
Tomorrow’s Eve (German) *US EXCLUSIVE*

Friday, Day 3:

Seventh Wonder (Sweden)
ORDEN OGAN (Germany)
Psychotic Waltz (USA)
Barren Earth (Finland)
Subsignal (Germany)
Wind Rose (Italy)

Saturday, Day 4:

Demons & Wizards (Multi-national)
Threshold (UK)
Poets of the Fall (Finland)
Caligula’s Horse (Australia)
Jag Panzer (USA)
Sorcerer (Sweden)

At the beginning of the program sits Glenn’s Corner, a place for a few words from the man, the myth, the Hawaiian shirt wearing, U.S. progressive and power metal legend Glenn Harveston.

“First I’d like to publicly thank Mike Portnoy, Jeff Scott Soto & the rest of Sons of Apollo. They went above and beyond in their efforts to make their appearance happen. They did so because they understand what the festival means & care about the fans. I will always be grateful to a class bunch of musicians.

Second, there has been a lot of chatter online about next year’s 20th anniversary show. While I do consider twenty a nice number, I do not consider it a milestone event. That event will be Progpower USA XXV as I say goodbye and close up shop.

We can talk more about that later though. In the meantime, enjoy the ride.


With that note comes much speculation about the future. With the show continuing to sell out every year, and no lack of amazing talent to come play, what is the future of ProgPower USA? Optimist speculation says that Nathan and Milton, the guys who handle days 1 & 2 will step into the position and carry the torch for progressive and power metal, but it is far too early to say. And while my selfish ass wants to see Glenn running this until he’s old, decrepit and wheelchair bound (don’t worry, we’ll lift him above the crowd so he can still watch), I only wish him the best in his retirement from the festival if that is what it comes to. He’s damn well earned it.