Important: Disturbed’s David Draiman deletes his Tinder account

Posted by on May 8, 2023


Disturbed vocalist David Draiman recently made headlines for his foray into online dating. After confirming his search for romance using Tinder to find “the right woman” following his recent divorce, Draiman has now deleted his account, calling the experience “an absolute shitshow.”

In a recent Twitter update, Draiman expressed his frustration with the dating app: 

“Holly fucking dumpster fire Batman, @Tinder was an absolute shitishow. Scammers, grifters, fakes and phonies abound. What a colossal fucking nightmare. Deleted it. Dear lord.”

This update followed a Twitter user sharing a screenshot of what appeared to be Draiman’s Tinder profile, prompting Draiman to confirm that it was indeed him on the app. Draiman admitted his search for love had been “weird so far” and that he was trying to navigate this new terrain of online dating. While some Twitter users criticized Draiman’s presence on Tinder, suggesting that he couldn’t get laid anymore, the singer fired back, stating he has high standards and looking for the right woman, not just any woman.

While having an online dating profile seemed worthy enough to make headlines, this only shows Draiman is just like everyone else and not afraid to search for the right partner for himself. Despite his Tinder challenges, an app we agree with Draiman on it being a “shitshow,” we wish him the best of luck in his journey to find love.


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