Taylor Swift surprised her fans with her new album Folklore, out now via Republic Records. However, her latest offering also surprised the metal community as her artwork is similar to Ihsahn’s single “Stridig,” taken from his Telemark EP, which was released this past February. The record showcases a darker and edgier side of Swift as The New York Times explained her new album shows how the pop star appears to be done with pop. 

The album artwork for Folklore not only fits a similar style as Ihsahn’s recent artwork; it could also have many wonder if there are additional metal influences in her new record. Regardless, both Ihsahn and artist David Thiérrée have both picked up on similarities of both covers that feature almost-identical black and white trees in a forest. 


Thiérrée responded to the artwork via Instagram, sharing a side by side image of both with the following comment:

“Well, folks, I ‘m not the only one to think that Taylor Swift’ s new visual is very Metal… Even very close to Ihsahn ‘s artworks I made. I could have done it for her, probably for a cheaper price than what she paid.”


Ihsahn reposted Thiérrée’s post and added his own comment:

“So, anyone check out the new @taylorswift yet? Personally I like the design.”