Ice-T performs, talks Milan riot, love of video games and demonstrates ‘dick dance’ on ‘Conan’

Posted by on June 24, 2014

ConanBody CountIt’s not a  big secret that Ice-T is an avid gamer, but yesterday on Conan, Ice-T talked in more detail about this hobby of his. Ice said that he is a big fan of shooters and online multiplayer games, like Call of Duty, and that he has his own clan called SMG (Sex, Money and Guns); he warns that “when we come through, you might as well just lay down because we coming through layin’ people down.” He then goes on to tell more about how intense he is when playing, and just how into the games he gets as well as how he yells at the tv and does his fair share of trash talking to the extent that it sometimes concerns his wife Coco’s friends when on the phone. But, this is not where the intensity ends. Ice has a celebration ritual for beating difficult levels that he has dubbed the “Dick Dance,” where he says “I stand up in my house, unzip my pants, and do the dick dance.” He then goes on to demonstrate said dance, sans dick, and calls it liberating when beating a hard level.

Ice also went on to talk about a riot that he almost started back in the early 90’s in Milan, Italy. Clearly not a fan of the punk show ritual of spitting on each other at shows, Ice warned that crowd that nobody spit on him during the show. Although they didn’t spit on him, they covered guitarist Ernie C and Ice was not happy. During the encore he prompted the crowd to lift up their hands and then proceeded to punch the perpetrator in the nose, causing the crowd to riot and many others in Italy to become angry with the band. Luckily for Ice and the band, a local Italian DJ stuck up for them and had them on to squash the riots and explain why he did what he did.

To top off the appearance, Body Count performed the track “Back to Rehab” off their new album,  Manslaughter.

Check out all these videos below, or watch them on teamcoco.com.

Ice-T & Body Count Almost Caused A Riot In Milan

Body Count “Back To Rehab”

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