Hackread reports that ShinyHunters, a hacking group, claims to have breached Ticketmaster, stealing personal data from 560 million users, including partial payment details. This 1.3 terabytes of data is for sale on Breach Forums for $500,000. The stolen information includes names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, ticket details, and partial payment card data, which could lead to identity theft and financial fraud.

ShinyHunters is known for high-profile data breaches and manages Breach Forums, which they revived despite FBI efforts to shut it down. They attempted to contact Ticketmaster about the breach but received no response.

Ticketmaster has faced previous cybersecurity issues, including a bot-driven attack disrupting Taylor Swift’s ticket sales in January 2023 and a $10 million settlement for hacking rival Songkick in 2021. Recently, the US Justice Department sued Live Nation and Ticketmaster for monopolizing the live concert industry.