Greg Christian never “felt grounded” in Testament

Posted by on February 20, 2015

Former Testament bassist Greg Christian caused a stir last year when he explained that he only made $25,000 touring with Testament in 2013. Then there was the time he had just $150 to his name and a hacked iPhone.

But now Christian has recently taken to Facebook to explain how he got into that situation.

“I came back [to TESTAMENT] with nothing, under a great deal of stress (much of it self-imposed) about trying to put up, and keep up, an appearance that was consistent with being in a band of this stature, while being shit broke and struggling. That’s exhausting. And I was never able to get ahead, even a little, so I could never relax or find my ‘ground.’ I was always off balance, and always stressed and struggling, and they fully took advantage, knowing if I didn’t just do the gigs and get that next check, I couldn’t pay my bills. There was no negotiating. There was a ‘fuck off, take it or we’ll get someone that will, we own everything and you’re not shit anyway’ kind of attitude about everything and I was always so beat down by it, I just dealt with it all and went along. Not really thinking, I guess. But I never once, over that eight and a half years, felt grounded or balanced. It wasn’t possible.”

Since his departure, Greg Christian has started Trinity Fallen with guitarist Artak Ozan from Kinnefret, and they’re currently searching for a singer.


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