It was a bit surprising to hear that in his final year with Testament, Greg Christian allegedly made only $25,000. But according to the latest update to his Facebook, he’s probably yearning for the days when he made that much. Either he’s not great at money management, or he’s had trouble finding work, because he apparently has less than $150 to his name, and ran over his iPhone.

hey folks, I’ve been on a bit of a sabbatical and wasted the better part of this year trying to save the un-savable. C’est la vie. and back to music (finally). starting to work with my favorite guitarist (ever) again tonight – Artak Ozan – on both Kinnefret and Trinity Fallen. TF is ultimately what I want to do and where my heart is and Artak has just been amazing at helping me complete the songs. he’s added exactly what they needed, while keeping them completely true to form. and anyone that’s never seen this kid play – you’re missing out – and even those that have been at every Kinnefret show – know he’s a bad-ass but still haven’t seen what he’s really capable of. I just wish we could find the other 2 ‘asses’ for the other 2 ‘seats’ to complete the package. in the meantime, I’m going to start filling in on bass for Kinnefret shortly here. not sure exactly when I’ll start performing with them – it’ll be by next month sometime though. I’ll make a post before any local Bay Area shows. and about the Kinnefret material – I think it’s really quite good, the vocals are a little death metal for my taste (I’m too old for that shit lol) but the songs are really solid.
and I would like to apologize to everyone I haven’t gotten back to on here. I have been so caught up in personal and family business, that I’ve totally ignored social media and haven’t even logged into this page in months. I will go through my messages and get back to EVERYONE – but I have a shit-ton of messages and it’s going to take me a while. probably at least a couple/few weeks. and on another note – anyone that’s tried to call me – my dumb ass ran over my iphone a couple days before Halloween and still haven’t replaced it yet, and have less than $150 to my name until my next EDD (unemployment) payment comes in, so my email has become my main communication. also, my iPhone got hacked a while back – so if anyone got any ‘weird’ messages from me – it wasn’t me.
anyway, thank you all so much for all the support. I appreciate it greatly. and I’ll make a post about my debut with Kinnefret soon.
cheers and thank you !!! !!! !!!

Adding insult to injury that he ran his phone over (how do you do that?) is the fact that his phone was apparently hacked as well. Hopefully, Kinnefret and/or Trinity Fallen will get out on the road quickly, since it’s hard to believe that a name bass player with a heritage band can’t find work, to the point where he only makes $150. He could probably jump into a tribute band and make a few hundo a night, which is more than he made with Testament, apparently.