Gatecreeper sign with Nuclear Blast

Posted by on January 28, 2021

Photo Credit: Hayley Rippy


Arizona death metal outfit Gatecreeper have signed with Nuclear Blast. The group recently surprised their fans with their new EP, An Unexpected Reality, which was written during the pandemic (available now via Closed Casket Activities). Between the surprise release, 2019’s Deserted, and their next chapter under a new label, we’re looking forward to what they have planned next.

The group expressed their excitement:

“We are excited to start the next chapter of Gatecreeper with Nuclear Blast. We look forward to continuing the growth of our band with Monte Conner and the rest of the label.”


Nuclear Blast’s A&R legend Monte Conner adds:

“I love Chase and Gatecreeper’s killer work ethic and their marriage of brutality with actual songs. I am so excited to hear what they come up with next but I KNOW it will be their ultimate album. I am honored they have chosen Nuclear Blast and me to be part of their continuing mission for world domination.”



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