From Ashes To New’s Matt Brandyberry shares five things he learned about recording music during COVID-19 pandemic

Posted by on March 8, 2021


Pennsylvania rockers From Ashes To New released their new album, Panic, during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in August 2020 (order here). We asked the group’s Matt Brandyberry to list five things the band learned recording music during a pandemic.


We learned it is very tough to record by Zoom with all the band members in different places. We made nine or ten “Quarantine covers’ ‘ including Linkin Park, Evanescence and Bullet for my Valentine .. We even made a cover of ” Forgot about DRE” to maintain some sort of sanity. Dr. Dre was better for me than Dr. Fauci 

I learned that it is very hard to synch up video and sound from four different locations. We were working on a Post Malone cover that still might see the light of day if this lock down keeps going. 

Every state, Pennsylvania, New York, and Ohio has different rules, and mandates for masks, gatherings, and travel that make getting together hard to do.. then you add quarantine restrictions and it’s almost impossible 

As much as you sometimes get tired of certain members when you are with them everyday 24/7 on tour or Making a record, when you go this long away from each other you really miss your brothers in Music. 

The most important thing I learned was how much I miss the road and playing, and of course the Fans and the promoters and the promoters and did I say OUR FANS…..but it was really Nice to not smell Danny’s feet for almost a year.. His socks are like the opposite of fine wine….  Stay safe Matt Brandyberry From Ashes to New 


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