Former Slipknot member says he will not rejoin band

Posted by on March 23, 2019

Despite the current dispute between Chris Fehn and Slipknot, frontman Corey Taylor’s recent Q & A via Twitter has allegedly caused a bit of confusion. While the post has already been deleted, a fan asked Taylor if the group would bring back former vocalist Anders Colsefni. The great big mouth responded with “Fuck I would LOVE that.” While his answer could have led fans to believe Colsefni would return, the former vocalist decided to clear any rumors up by posting the following statement on Facebook to say he will “NOT be rejoining.”

Read his statement below:

“Hello fellow Earthlings!

I’m going to take away the uncomfortable conversations that Slipknot might have regarding myself and reported band vacancy by saying:

I will NOT be rejoining Slipknot.

It is certainly not for any animosity I have-I simply don’t know those guys anymore. I generally give those I don’t know the benefit of the doubt.

I’ve spent the last 27 years (through each and every band) working concrete construction to support my family but still allow time for my “Real Job” lol.

After many years of failed bands, failed marriages, and plenty of others, I’ve settled into an occupation that I can retire from. I’m gonna need the bennies-my body is going to shit! Lol!

As much as I had dreamed of rejoining my creation (shut up- I know it’s a different band now!) it is not enough of a dream anymore to risk being homeless when the tour is over!

That being said, Painface is still working behind the scenes. Look for us sometime this year!


[via Rockfeed]

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