Mike Reynolds, former co-founding guitarist of Christian metalcore band For Today, got into some hot water back in 2013 for Tweeting, “No such thing as a gay Christian,” among other remarks. He quit a few days later to, “begin working toward full-time missions work in the Middle East.” Part of that work now includes calling out his former bandmate (pictured) in a new blog post, “Is Mattie Montgomery in a Cult?”

“I heard Mattie’s commitment to these false apostles from his own mouth. They aren’t one of many authorities in his life, but rather they are the main authority in his life.

The authority structure in Mattie’s life was a constant point of contention throughout my last year in the band. Even at that time, I believed the leaders in his life were false apostles and I was diligent to express the same thing to all of the guys in the band. I believe that this leadership is the reason for his change of trajectory. He has substituted God’s word for the words of mere men.”

There has been no response yet from Mattie or the For Today camp, but it can be assumed that a response will come out shortly.

For Today just wrapped up their tour with Motionless in White, and they’ll be playing the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival on April 19th. A music video for “Molotov,” from their latest album Fight the Silence came out last summer.

(via Lambgoat)