Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl and BottleRock CEO respond to BottleRock incident

Posted by on June 2, 2017

This past Memorial Day weekend, the Foo Fighters’ set at BottleRock festival was cut short due to the uncompromising curfew, resulting in the band finishing the song “Everlong,” unplugged. The speakers were pulled at 10 PM leaving a crowd of over 40,000 members shouting along to the rest of the performance. The festival received backlash from fans appalled by them shutting down a headlining set when there were less than 3 minutes left.

Dave Grohl on the other hand, seemed pretty relaxed about it as though nothing will surprise him at this point. KROQ spoke with the frontman about the incident and his response was what you would expect, chill.

“You know, here’s the thing. If you’re gonna pull the plug, it doesn’t necessarily mean we’re gonna stop. We were close. They could have given us that one extra minute.”

He continued:

“We play pizza parlors, through hurricanes, we kind of just like to play, so whenever something like that happens – it usually creates a moment too. When something’s keeping you from playing and you keep playing… like if you break your leg, you keep playing. It was another one of those things.”

BottleRock CEO Dave Graham explained to Live105 on why he had to pull the plug:

“I was responsible for making sure that we ended at 10 and it pained me to have to do that.”

He continued:

“I would have happily paid a big fine to keep them playing. It’s less about the money and it’s more about the trust within the community and the credibility that our festival has within the community. When we took over the festival, we made a deal with the city of Napa and the community that we would honor some of their concerns and deal with some of their concerns. One of which was, hey we can’t have noise past 10 pm.”

Foo Fighters surprised everyone yesterday (1), with the brand new song “Run,” and KROQ asked what plans they have for the future including a hopeful Southern California date:

Grohl replied:

“Not too far off I don’t think. We’re going to be doing lots of fun things in the near future. We have a whole plan right now. We’re probably going to play a cool show soonish. Pretty soon we’re going to make an announcement about all the fun things we’re going to do this year.”

Asked if we should see a new album anytime soon:

“We’ll see. I don’t know. You’ll just have to read our little Twitter feed.”

[via Loudwire]


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