Drunk fan joins Foo Fighters on stage in Las Vegas

Posted by on January 14, 2019

Apparently, Dave Grohl wasn’t the only one drunk at the Foo Fighters’ January 9th Las Vegas gig.

A video surfaced Sunday (13th) of a fan the band called “Jay from Bombay,” who put on a show of his own during the private CES event. During the performance, Jay crowd-surfed to the stage where he was welcomed by Grohl and the rest of the band. The two chugged champagne together and danced as the Foo Fighters began to cover The Faces’ “Stay With Me.” Moments later, Jay took over Grohl’s microphone. Instead of leaving the stage when the song was over, the fan said “let’s do it again” and proceeded to climb Tayler Hawkins’ drum kit. After nearly falling off, the man was escorted off stage, prompting Grohl to say:

“His ass is so fired, I don’t know who he works for.”

Before pretending to end the show, stating:

“How the fuck are we gonna top Jay from Bombay? It ain’t gonna happen.”

Grohl ended up being correct. The crowd’s excitement was sustained as the chanting of Jay’s name could be heard for a couple of minutes after he left the stage, interrupting the Foos as they tried to continue their set.

As previously reported, Grohl had his drunken moment at that very same gig. Last week when a video emerged of the singer attempting to drink a beer without his hands off of an amp. After spilling half and chugging the rest, he unsuccessfully tried to get back up on stage, instead he off and nearly knocked over the amp and some wires. Luckily, a security guard caught him, so Grohl did not break any bones this time.

The Foo Fighters’ next show will be during the ‘A Tribute to Chris Cornell’ event in Los Angeles this Wednesday night (16th).

Watch the clips below:


[via Alternative Nation]

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