Ex-Marilyn Manson keyboardist says Manson should ‘put a bullet in his head’

Posted by on February 1, 2016

madonna-wayne-gacy-08When you think about Marilyn Manson, chances are you think about the man everybody knows and was scared of influencing our children in America back in the 90’s, but there are others involved under the Manson brand, and those are the musicians playing with him. Many of them have come and gone throughout the years but one of the longest members was keyboardist Stephen Bier, also known as Madonna Wayne Gacy.

Bier played with Manson between 1990 to 2007 and split from the band after suing Manson for unpaid “partnership proceeds” claiming the band’s earnings were spent on “sick and disturbing purchases of Nazi memorabilia and taxidermy (including the skeleton of a young Chinese girl)” and on various other luxurious items. Bier claimed that Manson “devised a campaign to drive Bier out of the band and rob him of his entitlement.”

Things didn’t end well and it’s safe to assume there is little to no love left between Bier and Manson. That came out to light recently, when Bier posted his thoughts about Manson when posting about the recent death’s of those like Lemmy, David Bowie, Scott Weiland and others. According to alternativenation.net, he posted the following:

“I am genuinely amazed at how many prominent entertainers and musicians have kicked-off in the last 30 days… too bad Brian Warner isn’t one of them.”

“Apparently, the old cliche that ‘only the good die young’ is truth.”

“I can’t wait to do: the electric Boogaloo, the Texas two step, the waltz, and an Irish jig on his grave.”

“Maybe this is the end times, and it is a really slow rapture starting with musicians?”

“The best thing he can do to preserve his legacy, is put a bullet in his head and prove his integrity.”

“Presently, he is unintentionally… slowly… committing suicide one pill at a time.”

When someone commented that Manson would enjoy ‘butt stuff’ in hell with Kanye West, Bier agreed.

“Knowing the two of them, they would probably enjoy that, & I am not gay bashing.”

“He has been wanting to die for years now, absorbed in a ball of self delusion.”

Well, that’s something. It’d be interesting to hear Manson’s side of the story, but he doesn’t seem like the type to get involved in mudslinging. This definitely seems like shots have been fired, though.

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