Last week, Entombed A.D. (former Entombed) singer Lars-Göran (L.G.) Petrov revealed he’s been diagnosed with Gallvägscancer, which is Swedish for bile duct cancer. The frontman has been battling with the incurable disease for a while. And now, he feels a weight has been lifted since the public reveal. A GoFundMe page has been created to help L.G. during this difficult time. Petrov has recently discussed his struggle with Metal Hammer as he went into detail about his treatment and more. 


On when he found out he had cancer along with the type:

A couple of months ago. I felt a lump in my solar plexus. And I was, like, ‘OK, I’ll ignore it.’ But then it started to hurt, so I went to the doctor, and they X-rayed it quickly and said, ‘You have to go to the specialist.’ That was weird. You can’t imagine what it feels like. Your whole body goes warm. It’s, like, ‘Fucking hell.’

The cancer is called gallvägscancer in Swedish. I didn’t look it up on the internet, because I just don’t want to read about it, but it’s something to do with the bile duct. I’ve had a few beers throughout my life, but the liver is tip-top. I’ve smoked a lot, but the lungs are tip-top. It’s just very, very bad luck. Cancer doesn’t have feelings. It’s just maximum bad luck.


Whether or not an “incurable” cancer can still be treated:

That’s what they’re hoping for. I will find out when I meet my doctor, who is the best doctor when it comes to this particular cancer. Being young, the doctor said there’s hopefully a way to control it so it doesn’t spread, or maybe even make it smaller.


On changing his lifestyle since his diagnosis:

The first day I found out, I quit smoking, quit drinking. I haven’t done either in a couple of months. I’ve gone over to the other side. It feels great! I can smell cigarettes from a hundred yards: ‘Oh shit, there’s somebody smoking.’ It makes me want to puke now.


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