Photo by Chris Klumpp


Enterprise Earth have officially welcomed their new singer Travis Worland (Aethere, Bite//Down, The Willow) who has been performing with the group live throughout this year. 


Guitarist Gabe Mangold comments:

 “We’re very stoked to officially announce Travis Worland as the new singer of Enterprise Earth. His vocal style, performance, personality, and work ethic are a perfect fit for us and we cannot wait for everyone to hear the first song that we’ve created together, ‘Psalm Of Agony’ (coming June 17th). Prepare for the best incarnation of Enterprise Earth yet. 


Worland adds:

“After months of touring with the band, I am happy to assimilate into the entity that is Enterprise Earth. ‘Psalm Of Agony’ is the first step in a culmination of efforts only just beginning.”