Back in 2016, Deicide was faced with the departure of longtime guitarist Jack Owen as Mark English stepped in as his replacement. Now, just a couple of years later, another change puts longtime friend of the band, Chris Cannella in the guitarist position.

The chemistry was apparent from the first song they played together. In a statement the band said,

“When a band has been together for 30 years, change is inevitable.
So with that said, we had to make that change. 
Our long time friend from Arizona, Chris Cannella recently started spending a lot of time in Florida for work. Immediately we began hanging out. We realized he was the missing piece of the puzzle.
Together we are a musical match. We all work together and get along as if Chris has been in the band since it’s inception.
Cannella has the experience of being a veteran in the industry as well as a guitar clinician across the globe-who lives and loves Metal! 
So please, let’s all welcome Chris Cannella as the official new guitar player of DEICIDE!
We want to thank Mark English for stepping in during this transitional period.
We will be seeing all of you across the world bringing our music to you more brutally than ever!”

Cannella expressed his gratitude:

“Well there is no better way to put this but yours truly is now officially the new guitar player for the legendary and infamous Deicide! Something this special doesnt come along by accident but by patience and timing. Glen, Steve, and I have known each other for many years and as things change in life so do opportunities. After a few turn of events we spoke about me coming in to see how we could potentially work together. We have always gotten along great and laughed together but things dont always stay that way once you are in a rehearsal room but once the 4 of us (with Kevin Quirion) played our first song together, the chemistry was undeniable. We all locked in like we have been playing together for years. With everyone interacting and getting along it seemed like this was a no brainer. So I must say its a privilege and an honor to say I am a member of Deicide with Glen Benton, Steve Asheim, and Kevin Quirion. We will be seeing all of you on the road across the globe ready to lay waste. What can I say but thank you to Deicide, my awesome team at Dean Guitars, and my amazingly supportive family for opening this new chapter in all our lives.”

Deicide’s latest effort, Overtures Of Blasphemy, was released in September via Century Media.