Unlike the canine that somehow willingly volunteered to sneak into a Metallica show in Los Angeles, other dogs apparently had no choice. Instead of relaxing and watching DogTV on YouTube, a concertgoer was seemingly seen bringing a dog into the crowd during a recent Motionless In White set at The Scranton Apocalypse Fest this past Saturday (16th). Footage of the dog can be viewed, sparking mixed reviews. Some think it’s cool for a pet to attend, while others raised legitimate safety concerns, including the lack of hearing protection and the overall well-being of the pet’s mental health, among other issues. Motionless In White drummer Vinny Mauro chimed in via X (formerly known as Twitter) to express his opinion:

“Seeing the dog in the pit at our Scranton show really bummed me out and I wanna go on record to say unless your dog is literally deaf and blind and somehow also loves to be held in the air for 3 hours, do not bring them to a show, headphones or not.”

It’s worth noting that Metal Insider has a strong affection for pets. We feature dedicated content focusing on bands who are pet owners. While we inquire about whether they bring their pets on the road with them, our top priority is always to ensure the safety and well-being of the pet. 




Via [Lambgoat]