Countdown to 2025: 274 Days

SOOOOOOON, the famous word for 70000tons of Metal cruisers know to love and hate. And one thing you learn is announcements are always unpredictable. Metal Insider attempted to guess the first wave announcements wouldn’t hit until at least the first week of May, but we were wrong. About a week late. However, after experiencing the 2024 edition to its fullest capability, we captured all sixty-two bands, bringing back our Artist Spotlight, our countdown to the 2025 voyage. Round 12, the 2024 experience took place from January 29th – February 2nd, sailing from Miami to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic on the Freedom of the Seas. 

What is the Artist Spotlight?

Well, it’s more than a review of their performance, as 70000tons goes, each band is a headliner and we treat each one as such giving them their own spread, discussing who they are and what they’ve been up to since the cruise. Each spotlight coincides with any updates from 70000tons organizers (if any), leading to days before setting sail. An extensive coverage like no other.

What does 70000tons 2025 look like?

There’s a reason why we want to keep going until we can’t. With at least 120 promised shows, bands performing twice within four days, including an All-Star Jam, Belly Flop Contest, Shore Excursions, meet and greets, clinics, workshops, pool girls and boys, hot tub mosh pits, cosplay madness, and much more. 2025, round 13 of 70000tons of Metal will bring cruisers back on the Independence of the Seas, setting sail on January 30th from Miami to Ocho Rios, Jamaica, and returning to Miami on February 3, 2025. Tickets are available for Black and Gold survivors, tickets for Silver survivors go on sale on May 7th at 12:00 PM EST. Public sales will be announced SOON. Tickets will be available here. Also, check out the essential packing guide here.

70000tons 2024 Round 12: ARTIST 1 of 62 – Aborted:

Hailing from Belgium, brutal death metal giants Aborted set sail on the metal seas for the third time. First in 2018, second 2020, and lastly, 2024. While the group has experienced some lineup changes over the years, vocalist Sven de Caluwé has been leading the fold since their inception in 1995. Continuing to push boundaries, the group gave an ode to horror with their latest album, Vault of Horrors, released on March 15 via Nuclear Blast. While the cruise was over a month before their new album, that didn’t stop the band from debuting it live in front of 3,000 metalheads. 

Aborted’s first set occurred on Day 1, January 29, 2024 at 11:15PM at Studio B Ice Rink Theater. Their second show happened on Day 3, January 31, 2024 at 3:45AM on the Pool Deck. While we wanted to make it for both, scheduling conflicts are inevitable and we chose to be their for their second appearance. And we were in for a surprising treat. Walking on stage with a non-metal introduction, Aborted blistered into a cutthroat and energetic performance, in their pajamas. When would anyone get to see something like this happen? Boxers, t-shirts mixed with exhaustion and afterhours delirium, Aborted presented one of, if not the best Pool Deck sets. 

What’s next for Aborted?

The group wrapped up their Necromanteum tour with Carnifex  Revocation, and Vexed. While this year marks a celebration of their new Vault of Horrors album, with more shows to come. The group will be joining Archspire, Carcosa, and Alluvial. for a North American tour later this month/early next. See tour dates here. The group recently commemorated the tenth anniversary of their 2014 record, The Necrotic Manifesto. Aborted give a tremendous amount of energy live on stage, which brutally demonstrates their new music. They are well worth seeing live. Pajamas at 70000tons under the stars, was just a bonus. 

70000tons 2025 Lineup:

Beyond Creation
Flotsam and Jetsam
In Extremo
Sonata Arctica
The Kovenant 

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