Good Fight co-founder and president Carl Severson is lucky to be alive. Apparently something fell off a  vehicle, came through his windshield, and he ended up in the trauma center of a NJ hospital.

Said Severson via Instagram:

“Been in the trauma center for about 24 hrs now. Details and brutal photos later but the gist is something big and metal shot out of or off a construction vehicle through my windshield and into my face. Knocked me out. Cops and EMTs woke me up. Was a mess, blood everywhere. Guess I got my hand up as I was getting smashed and almost lost a finger. Vaguely recall trying to put it back on. @dseve78 has been a trooper and my little dudes and friends all ignored the no visitors thing and got in. No more vacation.”

Some of those friends are his Nora bandmates, Rick Barnhart of Good Fight, and Josh Grabelle of Bullet Tooth (warning, their photos may be disturbing to some: here and here).

(via LambGoat)