Burzum banned by eBay

Posted by on August 4, 2014

Varg+VikernesAccording to a MetalSucks reader, it’s not just the French government that finds Varg Vikernes objectionable. eBay has apparently also banned Vikernes and Burzum products from their site. A tipster that wished to remain anonymous attempted to sell two Burzum releases via the online auction site and was told that eBay’ Offensive Material Policy prohibited him from selling them.  After contacting eBay support, the tipster was told that his “history of violence” forbade them from listing Burzum products for auction. Presumably, now that there’s a legal precedent that Vikernes is guilty of hate crimes, they’re looking to take him off the site. Either that, or they just found out about the murder of Euronymous, and they’re in for a rude awakening.

Metal Sucks points out that you can still find some Burzum items for sale on the site, and opines that eBay might just be targeting those who sold items by Virkenes and Burzum before, like the tipster did, while slowly scrubbing the site of the musician. Here’s what the notice said that the user got:

“eBay’s Offensive Material Policy prohibits items and listing content associated with groups that my promote hatred, violence or intolerance. Based on references to particular organizations in your listing, we have determined this listing likely violates our policy. If the item itself is not affiliated with a particular organization, you may relist without referencing that group’s name.”

Wonder if King 810 stuff can be listed?

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