Body Count announce new record in the works

Posted by on June 23, 2021


Legendary rapper Ice-T has created his share of controversy in his long, storied career. By forming Body Count in 1990 along with guitarist Ernie C, Ice created another branch of his creativity and since then has conquered acting, writing, hardcore heavy metal, directing, and producing.

Body count socials put out this message yesterday (22nd):

“BODYCOUNT NEWS: Even though we have not been able to perform ONE single concert to support the CARNIVORE album because of the Global Pandemic.. We’ve made the decision to Officially start the NEW BC Album ‘MERCILESS’ 2021 …Stay tuned…”

The band’s new album announcement comes a little more than a year after the release of their last studio album Carnivore, which contained heavy riffs, scathing vocals and some high powered guest musicians including Amy Lee of Evanescence, Ex Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo, Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed, and Power Trip’s Riley Gale.

This news tells of the bands plan to move forward from Carnivore and this pandemic and begin to work on the next chapter of Body Count.



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