Ice-T and Body Count should be Institutionalized

Posted by on January 22, 2015


In 1983, Suicidal Tendencies wrote an anthem of disenfranchised suburbia on their first album. Anchored by Mike Muir’s speaking/ranting, the song is about a bored teen that gets committed to a mental institution by his parents. It’s a classic that can’t be improved upon. However, it can be updated, which Body Count did on last year’s Manslaughter. Thankfully, the new version is very Ice-T-centric. In the new version, Ice is trying to play XBox when his wife Coco interrupts him. Then he’s trying to log in to his internet, but he needs his password. Even eating a sandwich is enough to sent him off. As you can imagine, it’s much funnier and broader than the ST video, and the video, which premiered on Noisey today, is  great accompaniment to the song. Especially if you don’t like vegans either. Check out the original version below.


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