Bass guitar made mostly lego bricks, guess what it sounds like

Posted by on June 15, 2021


An art project that marries music and the ever-popular children’s toy, Lego, can now be seen below. YouTuber Burls Art has fashioned a functioning bass guitar made primarily out of Lego bricks. Burls Art uses the term Guitart to describe his passion and has made many playable guitars from many, many different materials. Burls Art admits that the sound of the bass is consistent with that of a Lego bass guitar but sees this as an art project as the Lego Luthier states:

“Of course, this compromises the tone, but I built this guitar as an artistic piece, more than I do for the tone of the instrument. I’m not gonna say this thing sounds great, but it does make noise when it’s plugged into an amp.”


Check out the entire process below and view all of his other projects here.



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