Asking Alexandria’s bassist involved in car accident

Posted by on March 18, 2016

Asking Alexandria accidentThese past few months, we’ve been reporting way too many tour accidents and some tragic car accidents where musicians have lost their lives but while we understand accidents are exactly that, we always encourage everyone to be careful on the road. Asking Alexandria’s bassist Sam Bettley was recently involved in a car accident but he was fortunate enough to come out safe and sound of it.

Bettley was involved in a very serious car accident while he was moving and his rental van’s tire blew up, causing him to lose control of his vehicle and flipping the truck. Fortunately enough, he was able to get out of the accident unharmed although he lost all his belongings.

This case was lucky one and while Bettley lost all his possessions, at least those can be recovered. While this was a personal car accident and didn’t involve the rest of his bandmates or was in the middle of a tour, we would like advise to always check your tour vans before hitting the road.

Pro tip for bands: There’s good people out there like Panther Performance Auto Group who want to make sure you’re safe on the road while touring, so if you happen to stop by Denver, CO, pay them a visit as they don’t charge to look at a vehicle nor do they charge overtime for expedited turnaround for repairs of vehicles mid-tour. They also offer pre-tour inspection of tour vehicles, pre-purchase inspection of tour vehicles, tour vehicle rentals Mid tour inspection & repairs. You’re welcome.

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