Alice Cooper got some big names on covers album

Posted by on April 21, 2015

The mighty Alice Cooper has never done a covers album before, but he’s been talking about working on one since 2013. Now he’s finally revealed to Billboard some of the big names who make an appearance on the upcoming release:

“The album’s done. It’s mixed, ready to go and I’m very, very happy with it. I’m really happy with all the stuff on it. (Paul) McCartney’s on it. Zak (Starkey)’s on it. Dave Grohl is on it, (AC/DC frontman) Brian Johnson — and in places where you wouldn’t expect them to be, that’s the cool thing.”

Guitarist Joe Perry of Aerosmith is also on the album, which still has no release date, but it’s expected out sometime this year. There’s one new song on the album which he wrote with actor Johnny Depp.

Alice Cooper explained the meaning behind the covers album back in 2013:

“We do a thing in our show, which is a tribute to Hollywood Vampires, my drinking club. And it was Keith Moon, John Lennon, Harry Nilsson, Micky Dolenz — a very eclectic bunch of drunks. Half of them are dead, so we do four songs in the show in tribute to them. We do ‘Break On Through’, ‘Revolution’, ‘My Generation’ and Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Foxy Lady’.”

Alice Cooper will be on tour with Mötley Crüe throughout most of this year.

(via Billboard)


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