Music and us humans go a long way back, so long in fact, that music is considered universal. Scientists have unearthed items classified as musical instruments dated 35,000 years old. Coming to the modern day, we have a better idea of music than ever before. It’s clear to us that music is indeed ‘universal’ and that music can have positive effects on us.

There’s no mystery to the varying genres of music we’re familiar with. From the blues of pop to the hardcore rock, all of which we now believe have different effects on our psyche. Some genres appeal more to our emotional range while others serve as tools for destressing.

The genre of heavy metal is one of these. It started around the 1960s and saw bands like Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin shape it. Spotify stats show that Metallica, a heavy metal band, had over 11 million monthly listeners in 2021. This highlights the amount of people listening to this genre.

Heavy metal is probably best known for the intense sound effects it comes with. But this is just the tip of the iceberg here as it has great emotional depth as well. This allows it to have a restorative effect on its listeners as they form a connection with the music. Let’s take a look at what these effects are and what elements of heavy metal cause this.

The Social Benefit

Oftentimes, we find others watching movies or reading books similar to the ones we enjoy. The same is the case with music artists and genres. When we come across people who enjoy heavy metal music, we get a chance to socialize and make our passion heard. Concerts and lively events centered around this genre allow hardcore fans to socialize and share their love for the music.

These gatherings are great for creating an atmosphere where everyone feels included. Take the example of parties, which are a common occurrence in many places like Ibiza and Berlin, a few of the best party places in Europe. Crowds gather here to interact and enjoy and may find themselves forming new friendships over a similar genre of music. This is what heavy metal music can provide.

Additionally, research has shown that socializing can be relaxing for many, allowing them to take their minds off the stresses of life, even if just for a little while. Heavy metal music is also played in other social places like casinos, where gamers come to enjoy a round of poker. While this particular genre may not be your first choice, it can help stimulate your senses, allowing you to perform better at the game.

Music fans sometimes identify themselves with a particular genre. It’s no different for fans of heavy metal. This cultural identity is powerful and can have great impacts.

Emotional Release

Many people think that heavy metal music is about thrashing around drumsets and shouting at the top of your lungs. This thinking leads them to believe that this genre of music is associated with violence and social disorder. This is completely untrue and studies concluded on this subject agree. In fact, quite the opposite is true.

Heavy metal music provides fans with an outlet to process and release emotions that may be bottled up. Enthusiasts of this category make use of the music to vent out their feelings and sadness, which ends up making them feel lighter once they’re done. A social experiment conducted on a sample group found that 69% of the group reported that the music helped them manage and deal with their emotions.

Enhanced Focus and Concentration

While some may feel the sounds would be distracting or counterintuitive, heavy metal fans would disagree. This particular type of music has been reported to aid in focusing. 

The somewhat loud and chaotic nature of the music is also beneficial in tuning out intrusive thoughts and distractions. The rhythms in the background then help the brain concentrate and perform better. Additionally, studies suggest that this music can promote thinking and creativity.

Working with music in general can make tasks seem less boring, especially if they are repetitive. Heavy metal music is no exception. However, the impact will vary from person to person.

Self-Expression and Catharsis

Heavy metal music gives listeners a chance to identify with the lyrics. They can connect with the flow and the meaning of the song which enables fans to find comfort and solace in the music. The genre of heavy metal is vast and multiple themes are often being explored like anxiety, depression, etc. Sometimes a songwriter is speaking of their own personal struggles which listeners can resonate with.

Apart from this, listening to heavy metal can help start the process of catharsis, which means releasing repressed emotions. Studies have shown that heavy metal listeners were able to fully experience the anger they were feeling and almost all of them felt relief and enhanced happiness afterwards.

Listening to heavy metal music can be greatly beneficial for you. Not only does it allow you to connect with others who you share a similarity with, but it also allows you to concentrate and start healing processes. This is a positive change that can help anyone regardless of gender or age.

So if you’re already a heavy metal fan, good news for you, and if you’re not, then what are you waiting for? Go explore some bands out now!