Wolfmother return out of nowhere with new album

Posted by on March 26, 2014


You might remember Australian hard rock outfit Wolfmother, and you might also remember they haven’t really done much since their second album Cosmic Egg came out in 2009. Now it looks like the band has gone and pulled a Beyoncé and self-released a new album without any sort of promotion whatsoever. This past Sunday, March 23, the band posted a link on their Facebook stating that their new album, New Crown, was available on their Bandcamp page. The album is also available on iTunes as of today with physical copies said to be on the way according to frontman Andrew Stockdale.

How does the album sound? Like Wolfmother. If “Woman” was your jam back when it came out or you just dig retro-sounding hard rock, you’ll likely enjoy it. You can check it out in the stream below. The band might not have been getting much attention for the past five years, but this surprise new album might get them a bit of a buzz going.


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