White Zombie Bassist Releases 19 Year Old Track Featuring Dimebag And Philip Anselmo

Posted by on July 20, 2011

Throughout the 90s, it wasn’t unusual to see Pantera and White Zombie on the same bill. Though they differed in stage theatrics and sound, the two bands were old touring buddies. That’s why it’s not too surprising that their days on the road together lead to a few jam sessions. In fact, we’re more surprised that demo recordings of a Pantera/Zombie jam haven’t been posted online until now.

Yesterday, former White Zombie bassist  Sean Yseult posted a previously unreleased song she recorded with Dimebag Darrell and Philip Anselmo back in 1992 called “Dawn of the Horrible Gorilla!” on Soundcloud. The stream came with the following description:

“Dimebag Darrell, Sean Yseult and Philip Anselmo created this absurdity at 6am after a long night of drinking on a Pantera/White Zombie Tour in ’92. Recorded on Darrell’s 4-Track in his hotel room, the song was made up on the spot with Darrell on guitar (and drum machine) Sean on bass, and Phil singing. This comes from a cassette from Sean Yseult’s archives, never heard before!”

The sound quality certainly isn’t the best (what were you expecting from a song recorded on a 4-track and ripped from a cassette?!), but the song itself is pretty good. It’s a solid indicator of what a White Zombie song would sound like if half of Pantera was in the group. You can listen to the demo song for yourself over at Soundcloud.

[via Metal Sucks]

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