Vattnet returns with the sweeping “Better Ghost”

Posted by on August 11, 2017

If you were a big fan of Vattnet Viskar, perhaps you might only like them half as much after they’ve dropped the “Viskar” from their name. Also dropped was much of the black metal leanings of the band, who showed some signs of going into more of a post-rock direction with their sophomore album, 2015’s Settler. Their music now has a much more proggy, post-metal sound along the lines of Deftones or Junius, with clean singing, snaking guitar lines, and a sound more equipped for large rooms than DIY basements. Today, Metal Sucks premiered “Better Ghost,” another song from their forthcoming self-titled album, and if you can appreciate a band expanding their horizons, and aren’t expecting br00tal, then you’ll probably enjoy this very much. 

Give a listen to “Better Ghost,” which is taken from the album, below. Vattnet will be out on September 15 on New Damage Records. It can be preordered here.



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