Track Premiere: Sennight – “Arise”

Posted by on December 9, 2020


Atlanta’s Sennight are getting ready to put 2020 behind them as they are looking forward to their new album, New Takes The Old, to arrive in 2021. These melodic metallers have teamed up with Metal Insider to share a taste of their new music with the song “Arise.” Various European mythologies inspire the group’s lyrical content as “Arise” is no different, which features a guest solo by Ron Dalton Jr. (Your Chance to Die, Final Curse). 

The band explains:

“Arise takes influence from a few different heavy music genres including heavy and extreme metal. Lyrically the song talks about breaking free of any inhibitions and fears in order to have a full life experience. ‘Arise, untied, the iron pulled apart.’”


Opeth and Kamelot fans will want to listen to “Arise” and get ready for Sennight’s upcoming 10-track album. The record was recorded over several sessions at Jam Room Studio Columbia, SC, and a few parts were remotely done at guitarist Trevor Norris’ home studio. Brian Kingsland (Nile, Imperishable) and Alex Parra (Paladin, Sadistic Ritual) also recorded their guest solos remotely. 


The group adds:

“Arise is probably the most unique track on the new album because it is such a confluence of various heavy genres. At times it’s classic heavy metal guitar riffing and then suddenly we’re in a blastbeat. Though it wasn’t intentional, I suppose this song is, partially, a three-minute attempt to pay homage to some of our beloved influences across the metal styles. Lyrically, it would be hard to argue that this song is about anything else except unabashed triumph. Maybe that, more than anything else, makes it a proper heavy metal song!”


Listen to the song below




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