schoenberg automaton featureAustralia is a very strange and dangerous place with animals that can kill you by just looking at you and great extreme metal, and now we bring you news from one of their great technical death metal bands The Schoenberg Automaton and the release of their new record Apus.

The Aussies are gearing up to release their sophomore record this coming June 3rd via eOne/Lifeblood Inc. making this their first release with the American label. The better news is that you don’t have to wait that long to listen to their new tunes as the band also release a new track “Swarm” and we have it here for your enjoyment. Singer and professional beard bearer Jake Gerstle comments about the record:

 “Our visual journey through life helps us understand and recognize patterns. The patterns of life can be chaotic. We connect through social circles that intertwine with the different connections we establish, creating our reality that travels along the Mobius strip of our existence. Our social circles help us understand our connection with loved ones and nature. However, individual freedoms can often be trapped by the intertwining of these circles.”

Check out the artwork and track listing for Apus below and be on the lookout about any further announcements, as the band have relocated from the land of the kangaroos, to the land of the moose and maple syrup, so we’re hoping for any tour announcement. Only time will tell.

Track Listing for ‘Apus’

1. Year Zero
2. Swarm
3. Lost City Of Embers
4. Withering
5. …And Thus Spoke Helepolis
6. Master of Obsolescence Pt. I
7. Of Omnipotence
8. Prince Monopolist
9. Vengeance
10. Praise The Sun
11. Don’t Be Disputin’ With Rasputin
12. The Fragile Ones
13. Fear

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