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Posted by on July 3, 2014

helluabbYesterday was a pretty interesting day for music on the internet. Upon a Burning Body’s unsanctioned disappearance/single launch kept the metal blogs and websites occupied (yes, including ours), but on the hip hop front, one after releasing a surprise album, Death Grips announced their disbandment via a Facebook post that was written on a napkin, which gave the mainstream music press something to write about as well. Thankfully, UK hardcore band The Hell, whose Prosthetic debut, Groovehammer is coming out on Tuesday (8), were there to take the piss out of both of them.

Just after Ash Avildsen informed Sumerian’s Facebook fans that he didn’t condone Upon A Burning Body’s publicity stunt, The Hell released a Facebook post with a picture of the band with a caption that mirrored Upon A Burning Body’s initial post. “Urgent: If anyone sees us please let us know. Last seen on the 3rd of July.” The picture reads “Missing. A whole band. Beat that for a publicity stunt you fucking dickhead.” Before that, their Twitter account had the same two tweets that Danny had on his Twitter before his “abduction” took place, followed by the tweet “Don’t worry guys it was @dannyuabb playing a joke on everyone he ran away from his mum’s house for attention.”

This morning, with the caption “Fuck Death Grips,” The Hell wrote a message to the band that looked not unlike their break up note, except instead of a napkin, they wrote it on toilet paper. “Dear Death Grips,” the message reads. “Can you please stop using up all the fucking bog roll to write stupid fucking notes to your dickhead mates on Facebook. No one has been able to shit today.” Both the Death Grips and Upon A Burning Body posts were signed with their Twitter handle, which is classily @thehellyoudick.

As you can tell, The Hell are pretty damn funny. In case you need more proof, check out the first video from Groovehammer, “Bangers and Mosh,” below.





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