The Acacia Strain welcome the “VVorld Demise”

Posted by on October 6, 2014

The Acacia Strain have rolled out another audio stream from their upcoming album, Coma Witch, out October 14th. The new song, “VVorld Demise,” appears on their seventh studio album, and second since signing with Rise Records in 2012.

Some of the lyrics to the new track:

“World demise
Built upon your lies
Planetary collapse
The falling of the axe”

Back in August bands like Every Time I Die, Miss May I and Betraying the Martyrs uploaded teaser clips saying “#thewitchiscoming,” and a short while later a rather bloody video for “Cauterizer” came out, followed by a lyric video for “Nailgun.” This will be the band’s first new album since 2012s Death Is the Only Mortal.


1. Human Disaster
2. Cauterizer
3. Send Help
4. Holy Walls Of The Vatican
5. VVorld Demise
6. Nailgun
7. Graveyard Shift
8. Bridgepainter
9. Whale Shark
10. Delusionalisphere
11. The Observer

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