Sylosis’ Josh Middleton releases solo album

Posted by on May 18, 2016

jmp-hollowed-out-planetoid-album-coverThere’s little doubt that the dudes in Sylosis have some serious chops, but writing an abundance of kick ass thrashy tunes doesn’t necessarily mean you’re free to do everything you want. Let’s be honest, working in the confines of a band can’t always the most liberating creative process in the world. There’s got to be enough rule making, compromising, and negotiating going on to make a diplomat blush. With so many things to get hung up on, it’s almost amazing anything gets done, isn’t it?

So how does one resolve the need to satisfy creative desires that just don’t work with a band? Two words: solo project. The UK band’s frontman/guitarist Josh Middleton has self-released a progressive solo album with a little help from friend and drummer Craig Reynolds (of Stray from the Path). Given the boundary-pushing nature of the Sylosis, it’s a little surprising to think that he’s doing a prog solo project, but after a listen you can see where some of this stuff just wouldn’t jibe in a death/thrash song. It’s a bit reminiscent of proggy stuff like Scale the Summit, Polyphia, or even Jeff Loomis. In other words, it’s technical and tasty.

Get some free samples from this little “making of” video:


Like what you hear? Buy a copy, it’s out now!

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