Swedish Folk Metal band Falconer streaming new album now

Posted by on June 6, 2014

After almost a year and a half of complete silence––no touring, no website updates, no Facebook news, nothing at all––Stefan Weinerhall (guitarist/songwriter/founder) came out of nowhere with his announcement that Falconer was indeed back to writing music and they already had six songs written.

What followed this post was another 11 agonizing months of complete silence. It wasn’t until this past December that another word came from the band, but what came was exactly what Falconer’s fans were waiting for. On Dec. 16, 2013, Stefan announced the songs were written and then just this March it was announced that the recording and mixing was completed.

Having been left wanting following their past release Armod, sung entirely in Swedish, the release of the opening track and first single “Locust Swarm” was a big relief and full of all of their trademark qualities–– singer Mathias Blad’s operaesque vocals, harmonized guitars, Swedish folk influences and blast beats for days. Black Moon Rising was released today in their home country of Sweden, the rest of Europe on the 9th, and is set for U.S. release on June 10th on Metal Blade Records.

“After a 8 month complete break from music on the verge of quitting it, I finally returned with a feeling of hunger, power and commitment to the song writing,” Weinerhall said, “The goal we all had was to wake up, stir things up a bit and perform at our very best. And so we all did!!”

Full of all the trademarks Falconer qualities, Black Moon Rising is a refreshing return to arms, that is one of Falconer’s fastest and most aggressive albums in yet, while still maintaining their signature sound! When it comes to capturing the medieval side of folk metal, Falconer has very few rivals.

“Black Moon Rising” is available to stream it its entirety below or here, and is still available for pre-order here.


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