Song premiere: Austin grind trio Mothman have “Fiery Faith”

Posted by on October 18, 2016


Austin grind trio Mothman have been around since 2013, releasing their first EP, Ninety-Nine Will Die, that year. Their full-length debut, Answers To No One, will be out on October 28th, and if it’s anywhere near as intense as what they’ve released so far from it, hang on. The first release from the album, “Cast,” was 29 seconds of fury. At 1:11, “Fiery Faith,” which we’re debuting today, is over twice as long, but isn’t any less frantic. The 20-track album, which we’re assuming will be about 20 minutes long is available for preorder on their Bandcamp for only $1.  Here’s what the band says about Answers To No One:

These are the dark ideas that force themselves to fruition; the unconventional, terrible way one views the world that seems to make the most sense; and refusal to pry yourself out of the dark no matter how deep it takes you. This is not being able to look away when fear wraps its sharp fingers around your neck and pours itself into your skull; when anxiety screams louder in your head than the living world and you can’t help but increase its volume. Years and years of waste, ignorance, disappointment, depression, resent. Years and years left to exist. Private misery not made true, but as real as touch and sight, as if the anxious howl has final say over perception. Hands steering your mind into a trench you swear you couldn’t have dug yourself and those same hands caring for the tools to cause the next fissure. Mothman makes the most sense when seen live or listened to at high volume.

Answers To No One will be released on  October 28th.


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