Slipknot streaming “The Devil In I”

Posted by on August 24, 2014

[youtube]http://youtu.be/9wKw3oGb9-g[/youtube] We’ve had a few weeks to hear a taste of what the fifth Slipknot album would sound like via “The Negative One,” and also known that a proper first single, “The Devil In I” was coming via the band revealing the single artwork for the song. Well, now it’s here – as it began streaming earlier today via the band’s YouTube page. It’s apparent why this is a single as opposed to “The Negative One” it’s a mostly midtempo song anchored by a strong guitar riff, a catchy chorus, and Corey Taylor’s singing more than shouting. The six-minute song is stronger than “The Negative One,” and while it has somewhat more of a Stone Sour-ish vibe, Stone Sour wouldn’t find time to slip in a blastbeat (go to 3:45). It still hasn’t been revealed who the drummer is yet, but that’ll likely happen soon. The album is due out in October.

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