Slipknot release new song, ‘The Negative One’ on website

Posted by on August 1, 2014

negativeoneWell, we knew something was coming. On Wednesday, Slipknot vocalist Corey Taylor tweeted the simple phrase “Heheh. Friday.” And after a series of cryptic teasers on their site, Slipknot have finally unveiled the first taste of their upcoming album via their website. Negative One”  can only be played once per IP address, so it’ll probably be a minute before there’s a YouTube version of it. Once you sign up for the band’s online community, Outside the Nine, you get to hear the track again. For those wondering if Slipknot have gone soft now that Stone Sour is successful and the members are all getting older, the new song should reassure them that, at least initially, that’s not the case. This is some Iowa-level shit, in that you wouldn’t expect the band to be this aggressive again, but they certainly seem to have returned with a fury.

The site promises that a video for the song will be out on Tuesday, August 5th. Maybe we’ll know more about who’s playing drums on the album, even though we have our thoughts about who it might be.


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