Sacred Leather’s “Prowling Sinner” is an ’80s power metal time capsule

Posted by on October 12, 2016



We recently got an email from Skeletonwitch drummer Dustin Boltjes asking us to check out his side project Sacred Leather. The over the top metal-ness of the band name and picture had us intrigued from the get go. Then we watched the video for “Prowling Sinner,” which looks like a cross between a Troma film and Sons of Anarchy shot on a budget of $9.95. If you told us this video was a just-unearthed VHS from 1985 of a long-forgotten band, we wouldn’t be surprised. We mean that in a good way though. And then there’s the music. It’s just as throwbacky, with Boltjes, who goes by “Wrathchild” in this band, doing an admirable job of channeling Rob Halford, and member(s) of Coffinworm also involved. There’s dual guitar harmonies as well, and just like the video, the production values are right out of the mid-80s. Want to stream their forthcoming album? Too bad, loser – it’s not out until December, it’s only and EP, and it’s only going to be available as a cassingle. Take that, compact disc! You can find out more about the cassette here. In fact, the only nod towards current technology is that they have a Facebook page. That’s probalby the best place to find out about them.


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