stillremainsAfter successfully crowdfunding their new album, Grand Rapids metalcore band have announced that their third album, and first in six years, will be released on December 17th. Ceasing to Breathe was made after the band exceeded their goal of $15,000. Along the way, the band released two newly-recorded songs, “Reading Lips” and “Checkmate.” However, neither of those two songs are on the album. If you want a taste of the new album, you can  head to their Facebook page and get a download of “Close to the Grave.” Dan Weyandt from Zao makes a guest appearance on the album Here’s the track listing of the album.


1. Bear Your Teeth – feat Dan Weyandt

2. Crone

3. Beacon

4. Cain

5. Close to the Grave

6. A Way Out

7. Keeping Secrets

8. Ceasing to Breathe

9. F.F.I.

10. Hopeless

11. Reprise

12. Bitter Shroud Repentance