Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals share new song “Delinquent”

Posted by on January 10, 2018

Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals have debuted a new song, “Delinquen,t” which can be found over at Loudwire. The song will be featured on their sophomore album, Choosing Mental Illness As A Virtue which is scheduled to be released January 26th through Anselmo’s Housecore Records. Anselmo described this album as not pretty and that it tends to go off the rails at times.

“It ain’t pretty,” Anselmo exclaims. “It’s more straightforward and cohesive to a degree, but it still goes off the rails here and there. We went through it song after song cut and fucking dry. I was in a specific mindset. I wanted to further my endeavors into a genre of music that I adore. As all ten songs blow by, I wanted an unforgiving feel. This is what was on my mind. It’s a recorded capsule of time.”

He also mentioned how important the contribution of his band members were to the spirit of the album.

“Their creative input is fucking fantastic,” beams Anselmo. “This is something that was very different from the first record where I was very staunch. I wanted it to be ugly. I was very firm that I was writing every fucking note. The thought was, ‘This is my contribution to ugly music right this second in a heavy metal vein.’ That was great at the time. Walk Through Exits Only made its own little statement that I am a free agent and I belong to no single band. This time, I worked closely with everyone. We tried different ideas together. It made the spirit of this thing come alive even more because of the enthusiasm these guys bring. It enhanced the integrity of the project.”

We recently had a chat with Anselmo here at Metal Insider and he mentioned that the album was recorded back in 2015-16 and how “It’s a gigantic nod to the Australian death metal scene…” The frontman also talks about how busy 2018 will be and his relationship with the press.

Make sure to check out the interview here and pre-order Choosing Mental Illness As A Virtue here.

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