eshf_ScionAVPhilAnselmoIllegals800x800_1Philip H. Anselmo launches his Housecore Horror Film Festival tomorrow in Austin, so what better time to release a new track from his band Philip H. Anselmo and the Illegals. Just in time for metal’s favorite holiday, the band are unveiling two new songs through Scion A/V, including “Ugly Mug,” which premiered yesterday on Metal Sucks.

“Ugly Mug” will most definitely put you in the mood for horror, eerily building with movie suspense to the intrusion of Anselmo’s sinister vocals. The Housecore Horror Film Festival will feature horror movie screenings and performances by Down, Gwar, Goblin and Eyehategod, just to name a few, lasting through October 27. The second song, “Pigs Kissing Pigs,” will be available online tomorrow. Download codes and a 10″ of both songs will be available at the festival.