Periphery, Darkest Hour, and more appear on Sumerian tribute to Florence + the Machine

Posted by on March 26, 2014


Here’s a random but cool idea; it appears that Sumerian Records has gathered a bunch of bands on the label together to cover Florence + the MachineThe album has been dubbed Sumerian Ceremonials: Florence + the Sphinx, referring to both the band’s 2011 album Ceremonials and the label’s logo. It features the likes of Periphery, Darkest Hour, Born of Osiris, Stick To Your Guns, and more. This absolutely sounds like a great April Fool’s Day joke, except the album is due out on May 15th, and it apparently for real. Sumerian founder Ash Avildsen commented on the album:

“To me, Ceremonials by Florence + The Machine is one of the most timeless records to come out in years. The distinctive vocals and melodies, the orchestration and instrumentation, the production, the mood and the lyrics have made me enamored with the album. It is also one of the heaviest records in years to me… not in the sense of metal and aggressive vocals/guitars/drums, but in how the songs make you feel. The emotional conviction that Florence Welch gives in her delivery combined with the brilliance of Isabella “Machine” Summers and the production of Paul Epworth has made for one of my favorite albums of all time. I wanted to give Sumerian bands the platform to re-invent these songs and to hopefully bring great music to new ears all over the world who may have otherwise never experienced this album. We made an exception and included one older song from Florence’s previous record Lungs, which Stick To Your Guns did an incredible job with.. I hope you enjoy Sumerian Ceremonials and the original Ceremonials as much as I have. Thank you for taking the time to check it out.”

Ash Avildsen
Sumerian Records Founder

So, how does Florence + the Machine mixed with metal? Well, judging by Periphery’s cover of “Only If For A Night” in the video above, it can mix pretty well. Then again, Periphery can get away with playing whatever the hell they want, so we’ll see if the rest of the album sounds as good as Periphery’s track or as bizarre as the concept itself. You can also check out two other tracks from Stick To Your Guns and Come The Dawn below, which aren’t bad either. The album will be out May 13 and the full track listing is available below:

1. Periphery – “Only If For A Night”
2. Stick To Your Guns – “Dog Days Are Over”
3. Ben Bruce (of Asking Alexandria) – “Shake It Out”
4. Darkest Hour – “Spectrum”
5. Miss Fortune – “No Light, No Light”
6. Fever Dreamer – “Leave My Body”
7. Born of Osiris – “Seven Devils”
8. Come The Dawn – “What The Water Gave Me”
9. Upon A Burning Body – “Lover To Lover”
10. Mike Semesky (of Intervals) – “Hearlines”
11. Dead Letter Circus – “Remain Nameless”
12. City In The Sea – “All This And Heaven Too”



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