There are some bands that are truly best experienced one way: live. High on Fire is definitely one of those bands. Although they’ve come close, especially with last year’s De Vermiis Mysteriis, a  CD recording just can’t quite capture the thunderous power of the stoner metal trio. But for those who cannot make it to a live show, or just want to relive the bands massive live sound, High on Fire has announced the release of two live albums, Spitting Fire Vol. 1 and Vol. 2.  This might be the first time a metal band has released two separate live albums since Iron Maiden’s A Real Live One and A Real Dead One, but even they were released months apart.

The two albums, which were recorded at NY venues The Music Hall of Williamsburg and The Bowery Ballroom, will be available on June 18, 2013, and pre-orders are already available for both albums. The track list, available below, spans the years of the bands history, with songs from all of the bands six records. When we saw the Brooklyn show last year, we noted that the newly-sober Matt Pike’s voice sounded “as whiskey-fueled as it was when it when it was still fueled by whiskey.” As raw as the band is live,  Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios mixed the tracks, with Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou performing additional engineering. Check out the track listing of the albums after the jump.

Volume 1.
1. Serums Of Liao
2. Frost Hammer
3. 10,000 Years
4. Devolution
5. Last
6. Fertile Green
7. Speedwolf

Volume 2.
1. Rumors Of War
2. DII
3. Fury Whip
4. Madness Of An Architect
5. Face Of Oblivion
6. Hung Drawn and Quartered
7. Blood From Zion
8. Snakes For The Divine