Those whippersnappers in Old Man Gloom said “we will always trick you” back when they sent a fake album out for review before releasing The Ape of God a short time later. Now they’re telling us there’s a live album coming in Febuary 2016, and it’s called Mickey Rookey Live at London.

Said the band via Facebook:

“You thought live records were only for bands like Journey and Queen. Nope. Anyone can have one. Turns out all you have to do is record a show, then get someone with a lot (i mean A LOT) of time on their hands to make it not sound like shit.”

The band also has a comical take on their own fans, which may or not be real, since this is Old Man Gloom we’re talking about. From the “one-sheet copy” posted with the release of “Hot Salvation (Live)”:

“Old Man Gloom fans will fucking buy anything. I mean, anyone will pretty much buy any stupid thing these days. Especially on vinyl. I was at a record store the other day and I saw the fucking soundtrack to Ghostbusters reissued on vinyl. What the shit? Who needs the entire Ghostbusters soundtrack on vinyl? I mean, that’s a cool song, and Ghostbusters is hilarious, but what else is there besides “who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters!” to listen to? It’s embarrassing. I bet it’s sold like 10,000 copies, though, because people will buy fucking anything. So they’ll buy this. It certainly isn’t worse than any other Old Man Gloom record. And when the drummer fucks up? People LOVE that shit. They’ll blog it, or tinder it, or periscope it, or whatever kids do these days, and it’ll probably become a virus video. Except there’s no video, but whatever, there wasn’t video of Christian Bale yelling at the guy on the set of Terminator, and that became a virus video.”

The title of this upcoming live album, “comes from (drummer) Santos (Montaño) being drunk in Europe, and trying to say the name Mickey Rooney, and Mickey Rourke simultaneously.” Pre-orders are being taken now at the Ektro Records webstore.

(via ThePRP)