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The_Hunting_PartyWe get a bit of a light release schedule this week, but the lead album comes from one of the biggest names in modern rock in the world. Although they may not be considered a metal band, Linkin Park started out their career playing some of the heaviest music that the mainstream world was willing to accept at the time, paving the way for heavier acts like Avenged Sevenfold and Five Finger Death Punch to become the powerhouses that they are now. Linkin Park’s sixth album leads a list populated by a ton of overseas talent, so read up for than just the big name.



Linkin Park, The Hunting Party (Warner Bros.)


If you wanted a Linkin Park album that returns to the rapping and screaming of the band’s early career, your wish has been granted with The Hunting Party. This isn’t Hybrid Theory: The Sequel, mind you – there is still plenty of the more progressive rock style that the band has adopted in recent years. But Linkin Park has also mixed in their early style to create an album that, once again, sounds unique and different from the rest of their back catalogue. There’s something on this album for anyone that has been a fan of Linkin Park’s career at any stage.


Finntroll, Natten Med De Levande (Spinefarm)


This album is Finntroll’s first ever live release, which is pretty amazing for a band that’s been around for almost two decades. The album title is Swedish, and it translates to mean “Night with the Living Finntroll”. The show that was recorded for this album occurred in Amsterdam at a venue called Melkweg, all the way back in 2008.


Boris, Noise (Sargent House)


If you can believe it, Boris has been around for over two decades, and Noise is the 19th album for the Japanese experimental metal group. The group has done a number of collaborative efforts with other, similar-minded artists such as Sunn O))), and they show no signs of slowing down soon. Noise follows last year’s Präparat, an excellent record that had critics raving about Boris.


Lullacry, Legacy 1998-2014 (Spinefarm)


Last month, Lullacry played their final show ever, rocking Tavastia in Helsinki with a show that included both their original vocalist, Tanya Kemppainen, and her replacement, Tanja Lainio. As one of the original gothic metal bands to come from that area, Lullacry were a special part of that scene, and this two-disc release celebrates their legacy. With 33 remastered songs from their discography, as well as the previously-unreleased song “Hell on High Heels”, this is the definitive Lullacry collection.


Impaled Nazarene, Vigorous and Liberating Death (Season of Mist)


Finland has a lot of representation on today’s list! Black metal squad Impaled Nazarene, always a lightning rod for controversy, is back with their 12th studio album. Vigorous and Liberating Death comes four years after Road to the Octagon, and it is the first Impaled Nazarene album in a long time that doesn’t have a song with the word “goat” in the title. If you’re a fan of Marduk, Enthroned, and Carpathian Forest, then this is right up your alley.


Stars in Stereo, Leave Your Mark (Hundred Handed)


LA rock group Stars in Stereo has been embarked on a “Virtual Tour” for a few weeks now, debuting new music and videos on various websites to promote Leave Your Mark. Metal Insider was one of the stops on this tour, and last week, we premiered the video for “Fair-Weather Friend”, which you can watch right here. This will be a big hit with fans of Halestorm, Alter Bridge, and other hard rock acts that don’t conform to radio rock standards.


Lecherous Gaze, Zeta Reticuli Blues (Tee Pee)


Lecherous Gaze was born from the ashes of hardcore act Annihilation Time in 2010. The group’s music combines their passion for early Black Flag and Black Sabbath with influences from Chuck Berry and  1960s psychedelic rock, creating a core of stoner rock with lots of punk and classic rock ‘n’ roll elements mixed in. This will be a hit with fans of Saviours, The Shrine, and Naam.


Expire, Pretty Low (Bridge Nine)


Milwaukee-based hardcore outfit Expire came about when former members of Take Control, Wholehearted, and Barriers Now Bridges joined forces in 2009. The band is a nonstop touring force, playing at five different festivals and touring all over the world during their first two years of existence. Pretty Low is the band’s second album, and you can stream the album in its entirety over at AltPress if you want to give it a listen.



Next Week: Once again, a week saturated with big name releases will leave your wallets a lot lighter than they would normally be. Come back to find out who has new material in seven days!

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